Characters in States

Apr 16, 2018

I'm using characters in my project and would like to use states to change the position of my character.   The character I chose is facing to the left and I need her facing to the right.   Not a problem, I just went into Photoshop and rotated her and saved the file.   but, if I put that saved file in as one of the States, it puts it back to facing the left and you can't rotate a state graphic.  Any ideas?

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Wendy Farmer

Glad you got it sorted Kathy. Interesting I tried in SL360 and SL3 and you are correct, in SL3 the options to Rotate are greyed out. I had to cut the image out of the state, paste in on the slide do the rotation and then paste it back to the state.

Here are the two Peek videos showing the different actions:



Might be a question for Articulate staff why it doesn't work the same.

Katherine Sortor

Thanks a lot. I just copied your image and pasted it into my project and I can add more states and they come in the right direction now. It's definitely interesting the way some things work and don't work...

Thanks again.

Kathy Sortor
DOSH/Web Services
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