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Apr 10, 2015

I would like to animate the faces of some of the Characters so that they "Talk"

But I cannot locate the physical location of the characters that come with the program..anyone know.
I would like not to have to "capture" them with Grabit..


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Brent deMoville


The actual files are located in the following path:  

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Articulate\Characters \Illustrated


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Articulate\Characters\Illustrated

The files are shown as .acp files.  If you want to work with an individual image, copy the .acp file and save it in another location.  Rename the file to .zip and then all of the images are available from the zip file.  I assume you will use something like Reallusion Crazytalk to create the talk animation.  


Brent deMoville


I have used these animations to make a voice over more interesting and on a few occasions where I needed a different voice, I have found that the text to speech option works surprisingly well depending on the TTS voice and what is said.  

I have used this more as "cream on the top" rather than the primary driver of the module.  I use it in the same way that I might use a Sparkol Videoscribe or other animations.

I insert them as MP4 video.  Crazytalk has an interactive mode for webpages but I have not tried that yet.

Frederic Goyon

Hi Leslie !

In fact, I'd like to have an access to this "dowload" on my computer, and the file : C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Articulate\Characters is not existing...

So do you have any idea on the path ?

My purpose is to modify the character in another animation app for using back in storyline once modified...


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Frederic!

Thanks for the follow-up. You had me doubting my response the first time, but that is what is in the FAQs :)

Let's try this again...

When you go to add a character from Content Library, it will need to be downloaded for use. So, I assume that has not been done yet. We also have some documentation here on editing these characters if helpful.

Frederic Goyon

Hi Leslie,

As you made me doubt in return, I had tried another download (We already use Brandon, Lily, Andrew, Laura, Stefen ... since few weeks)

So I just downloaded Charlotte, used her in a document .story (see capture) and searched for her files in the "localappdata\articulate"... but nothing new (see capture)...

Am I doing something wrong ???

Leslie McKerchie

Well Frederic - I must agree with you. The files are not easily found. Seems the feature for 360 is moreso for re-using the characters in our software via Content Library as we do not really support using outside of our software in any way.

It may be best to add the character, then right click to do a 'Save as Picture'.

Editing outside of our software is not something I can assist with support-wise, so hopefully someone in the community can chime in if they can help out here.

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