Characters - more from other cultural & religious backgrounds please


I love the characters currently available on Articulate 360, but I would like to know a little more about them i.e. their nationality so I can tailor cultural sensitive training, without offending the reader.  Does this exist? For example, I would like to use Ron in one of our courses but would like to change his name to reflect his cultural background. Also, will there be additional characters added to reflect different religious backgrounds i.e. cultural dress?

Our courses are accessed by a large group of volunteers who encounter many people from culturally and linguistic diverse (CALD) backgrounds and it would be great to tailor more characters to real-life encounters.



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Operational Capability

Belinda that would be great.  Our team were saying the very same today as we provide learning to groups that deal with Australian indigenous clients and what to represent them.  Would also benefit from more 'rural' type characters. eg checked shirts , jeans and broad brimmed hat for staying sun safe on the land.

Gerry Wasiluk

Great ideas.  What is also needed are characters using laptops and tablets, as well as sitting down.

Along with build-a-character in various dress styles, being able, IMVHO, to build a scene with the characters very quickly and very easily--like, say, four of them in a meeting room with various props (e.g., table, audioconference equipment, whiteboard, etc.).

Gerry Wasiluk

Hi, Alyssa!  THANKS for the kind words. :)

I recently had to use Vyond for producing animated videos for two SL360 courses.  I was impressed by how easy it was to build scenes with templates, backgrounds, characters, and props in Vyond.

It made me "jealous: ;) for having something similar in A360/SL360.

Scenes like the below example from a different SL360 course used objects sourced from many different sources.   If I could have built it natively in A360/SL360 in a few minutes, it would have made me very happy--and feel more productive.

Personally, I hate spending a lot of time searching for objects to build a visual scene, either photographic or illustrative.  I hate to bill clients for the time it takes to build such things when it takes longer than normal to "find the right" things.