Characters Question (Storyline 360)

We currently use Storyline 2 for the creation of all our CBT courses. In SL2 the character poses have three options to chose from: Headshots, Torsos or Full versions.   

We're currently looking into upgrading to 360 and utilizing the free trial to see if it's worth upgrading.   When messing with the characters in 360 there are many poses to chose from but I haven't seen the option to switch to the Torso or headshot poses.  Are these available with the subscription and just not available on the free trial, or are the full body poses the only option even with the sub?


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Janet Chafey

Just wondering why headshot and torso are no longer options when working with characters? I know we can crop them, but it's a lot of extra work when you're dealing with multiple characters and multiple states.

Also, why is the Expression option is grayed out in the Characters panel when I use photographic characters?


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Janet,

Thanks for contacting us to share your character questions. It looks like you're using Storyline 360 based on that image and I'm happy to help.

Why are headshot and torso no longer options when working with characters?

I cannot speak to the 'why', but you are correct. You can use the crop feature if you only need a headshot or torso shot of the character.

Did you know you can use the cropped version of your character for consistency in your course? Just copy, paste, and change the pose:

Why is expression grayed out in the characters panel for photographic characters?

The expressions are a feature limited to illustrated characters and that's why the option is not available for photographic characters.

You can read our full documentation on editing characters here:

Editing Content Library 360 Characters