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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Sarah, there is something called a 2-person Scenario in the Top Interactions template that comes with Storyline. If SL is open you can access it by 

  • Insert a new slide
  • When the Insert Slides dialog box open, choose Templates (on the left)
  • Click the drop-down arrow (see red arrow in screen shot) and choose Top Interactions
  • You can see the Two-Person Scenario in the Screen shot

Also, in case Cheryl's link to the Articulate downloads page doesn't work for you (it didn't for me...but it could be working for others), perhaps this one will:


Sarah Mordan

Thanks for the prompt replies. I saw the Two-Person Scenario but ruled it out as my dialogue didn't require the user to make a decision. I think the interaction I was originally referring to may be a new template in Articulate 13, which isn't available in Studio. In the end I took the easy option and created successive screens with facial changes. Will try to recreate with layers, triggers, etc when I have more time. Thanks again.