Check box not functioning

Mar 06, 2019

One of our users is having trouble clicking a check box in a course on our LMS. He is using IE versions 11 and 9, and has tried two different computers and another browser. Our tech specialist proxied into his account and noticed that when she hovered over the box, the cursor does not change to the hyperlink (index) cursor, but is displayed as an arrow. However, when she hovered over the rest of the slides, it appears as a hyperlink cursor.  Other users are not experiencing this issue. Any idea what might be the trouble?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Sarah. Do you know if your other learners are also testing the course in Internet Explorer 9 and 11? Similar, do you know if they're viewing the Flash or HTML5 output? Both browsers would be supported for Flash, but only IE11 would work for HTML5. 

You mentioned a hyperlink color - is the checkbox set up to jump to a URL, or it's the same color for hovering over an object?

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