Check box states issue

I'm trying to use triggers and check boxes to build a custom multiple choice question. The problem I'm running into is that when I use triggers to determine the state of the check box it can show as having both states!

I've attached an example. If you check the check box and click the submit button it goes to the 'score' layer that has two hidden shapes. One is triggered visible by the check box having the normal state and the other becomes visible if the check box is selected.

If I preview or publish the screen and I check the box and click submit both boxes on the score layer are visible! As the check box is checked, which shows as the selected state in Edit States I expect (and want) only the selected state box to show.

What am I doing wrong or missing to make this work?

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Dave Cox

Hi Ndege,

There is an issue in the way Storyline is currently reading some of the states of objects. I've already submitted a bug report about this, but you may want to add to it.

The solution to your problem though is pretty simple Just check only the selected state, and use Equals or Not-equals.

Ndege Diamond

Thanks, Dave! Glad to know it's not just me.

I didn't know we could change the = in the triggers to not-equal for states. I'll have to remember that.

I ended up taking a 'snapshot' of the check box states with true/false variables and looking at those for scoring in place of directly looking at the check box states. I should have been more patient as your solution is much easier!