Checkbox interactive home slide issues


I have a file that begins with a home slide (file attached).

Here is a description of what the file entails:
My home slide has an icon (it's the rounded square with the word module 1) that is assigned two triggers that should change the state of the icon from "Normal" to "Complete" or from "Normal" to "Incomplete" depending on what the user does when arriving on the Module 1 checklist slide. The checkboxes in the Module 1 checklist slide carry True/False Toggle variables. If all checkbox items are checked, the user is greeted with a "congratulations you did it!" slide, conversely, if the user leaves any item unchecked, they are shown an error slide. Both give the user the option to go back to the home slide. I plan on having 9 total modules each with its own "Complete" and "Incomplete" trigger and also each with its own checklist slide.


Here is my issue:
I want the home slide icon to appear as "Normal" when first launched and not to automatically appear as "Incomplete" as its initial state. Any help or ideas you can offer would be greatly appreciated!


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Pete,

Your M1 button immediately changes to its Incomplete state because you have a trigger to do that when the M1-checklist variables are false -- and those start out as false. 

I fixed the problem in the attached file by creating a new variable to track the module's status. It's a text variable calls M1status with an initial value of notStarted. The value is adjusted to incomplete when the user starts the module, and to complete when they reach the module's completion slide. 

I added simple triggers to the home slide to adjust the state of the M1 button based on the value of the M1status variable.

Good luck as you build out the rest of the modules!