Checkboxes and text input have become inactive.

I am updating a project which previously worked well when output to HTML5.

When I preview the story.html version everything seems fine, however in HTML5, the check boxes and text input fields have become inactive. I also notice that on the affected slides the player control buttons have changed from 'Submit' to 'prev' and 'next', even though on the individual 'slide  properties' it states that only the submit button has been checked.

I am facing an urgent deadline!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Liz,

It sounds like very unusual behavior that your buttons within the player are changing when you view the HTML5 output. I'd first want to confirm that you were creating and editing with local project files, and that when testing the published output you're testing it within the intended environment. Are you able to share the .story file here with us so that we can test it as well? If you'd prefer to share it privately please share it here with our team. 

Liz Hilton

Hi Ashley

It seems very odd to me too - this happened when I was testing the story_html5 file on my laptop, where it was created (it looked fine in preview mode)

I have since contacted your support engineer, who has tested it on the cloud.scorm account,

where it appears to be fine. I'm hoping it looks that way to the client too.

Do you know if there are any legacy issues if you have recently customised the player in another  project?

I had recently been working on another project where I needed to change the submit button to the home button. I noticed that in the player there were still resources relating to the other project. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Liz,

Thanks for letting us know that Support tested your file and wasn't able to reproduce the issue. I viewed the link as well, and things seemed to behave as expected. 

When you make changes to a player those are saved within the Storyline project file. You can then save the player on it's own to use in another project, but updating it one project shouldn't change anything else in an existing project.