I have approx 15 slides that the user can visit in any order. I created a checklist on a separate slide that lists the name of the slides. This is a separate scene which can be accessed from a hot spot on every slide. I want the checklist to show a check when the slide is visited and keep it a running total. to get to each of the slides there is a hotspot. I tried linking the click of the hotspot to a radio button and to a checkmark and a marker. none of these worked over multiple slides. I set up hidden/normal starting with the button hidden and change state to normal checking variable to make sure value is >= 1. when you click on the hot spot to get to the slide page the variable for that page adds 1. this works great for 1 page, when i go to the check list after going to multiple pages only the first page is clicked. i can go in any order, only the first one clicked shows.

Can anyone offer a suggestion.


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Michael Hinze

Ed, without seeing your file it's tricky to guess what the problem might be. See attached a quick example with 5 slides and a checklist that shows completion of each slide. The checkmark buttons's Selected state on the checklist slide are 'turned on', depending  on True/False variables that start out as False and are changed to true as a slide is viewed. Hope that gives you some ideas. You can always post your file here for someone to look at.