Checklist with submit button to trigger various layers

Hello team,

I have created an interactive checklist with check boxes and a submit button. Depending on which boxes you check and then click submit, a different layer is shown. It works for the most part but when multiple checkboxes are selected it will not show the corresponding layer. It instead shows an incorrect layer that I have not created a trigger for (I think...). The triggers for the multiple selected checkboxes are: 

Show layer - Familiarity and Resilience - when user clicks - submit button


Shape - checkbox familiarity is selected AND

Shape - checkbox Resilience is selected.

Which to me seems like it should work but it doesn't

I have attached the file and any help would be appreciated it.


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Crystal Horn

Hi Kirsty.  Thanks for sharing your file.

You were so close with your triggers!  I gets frustrating when you can't see where it's breaking down.  And it took me a couple of tries to figure out exactly what needed to be done.

Your triggers were conflicting with each other.  For example:

Show layer Resilience when Resilience is selected

actually conflicts with 

Show layer Familiarity and Resilience when Familiarity and Resilience are selected

Storyline asks, "Should I show Resilience layer?  Resilience is selected in both scenarios..."

I only want to show Resilience layer when Resiliance is selected AND when the other two are not selected.  So, I finished out the conditions of your triggers to include when the irrelevant objects are not selected. (Pro tip:  It is better to use "not equal to selected" than "equal to normal" in conditions.)

Have a look at the attached modified file, and let me know if it works as expected for you now!

Gerald Sale

Hi Kristy,

I was trying to upload the revised file I've made then I saw Crystal already replied to your inquiry a few minutes ago. Thanks to Crystal for helping you out. :)

Anyways, I've also attached my revised file as well if you want to check. I have added 4 new triggers to make it work and hopefully it's the one you want.




Kirsty Summers

A big thank you to you both!  I have found this community so responsive and happy to help.  Sometimes you just get stuck and can't find the exact answers you need from the discussions already around the place. Knowing that I don't have to continue to go around in circles and continue to be frustrated is great!  I also find I learn something new each time I ask for assistance.

Thanks again!