Could multi-square menu disable cmpletion checkmarks from working correctly?

Hello! I previously was using the help and guidance from a previous discussion forum located here:, but couldn't upload my story file for additional help, hence the reason for forming a new discussion. When I "review" in Storyline, the above link's instructions sort of work for my module...but then don't. The checkmarks on my module are firing before having been viewed. Especially when I publish. This is so frustrating. I've followed instructions to "re do" and even rebuilt a new mini course--which worked, but when I work inside my own module...nothing seems to help.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. And/or I don't know what's wrong with my course. Did I set up the variable wrong? Please help. FYI...I have the Exit button 'sent to back' on the Main Menu for the time being.

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Dave Cox

Hi Daphne,

I believe the issue has to do with the visited state. Although that seems like the logical state to use, you don't have complete control over it, so it will create unpredictable results. Instead of using the visited state, create a new unique state. For example, something like "Completed" Then set the state to completed when each of your modules are completed. I usually do this on the last slide of a module to insure that the participant goes through the entire module.