Choice of Multiple Question Banks - How Can I Track Results?

I have a module (Articulate Storyline 2) in which the user has to choose one of three question banks to complete (depending on their geographical location). They need only complete the question bank that applies to them.

So as in the picture I have a slide which offers them the choice that branches off to three different Question Banks, and at the end of each they receive a results slide.

All well and dandy until tracking them! This module is hosted in Articulate Online and wants me to choose just one result slide to track.

Is there a way I can create a final result slide that presents their score from their Question Bank but isn't 'penalized' bu including the 'results'  of the other two results slides/quizzes which they have not had to complete

Thank you for any advice or tips you can offer!

best, Rebecca

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Rebecca Hobbs

Thanks Ankit - this is very similar to my set up and lovely to see someone else using Articulate in a similar way to me :)

My difference is users will only do 1 of the 3 quizzes and I want to be able to track the results for the three different quizzes in Articulate online but it will only allow me to track 1 result slide.

I am wondering if I can create a final result slide for all users that draws from the 1 quiz they have completed, and that it can be tracked. Does that make sense?

best, Rebecca

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rebecca,

If you're using a results slide to track more than one results slide, you'll have two options for how to report on that as detailed here:


  • User must pass each quiz: Select this option if learners must pass each individual quiz (represented by the tracked result slides) in order to pass the overall course (represented by the final result slide). If learners fail any quiz in the course, then they fail the entire course.
  • Combine points from each quiz: Select this option if you want the scores from all tracked result slides to be added together as the final score for the course, then enter a percentage in the Passing Score field. In this scenario, a learner could fail one or more of the individual quizzes and still pass the overall course.

With that set up, presumably you could choose "combine points" and set the passing score to be a 3rd of the overall points amount. 

Hope that helps get you started - and as you'll see in the thread that Alex linked to, it's definitely a more customized set up that involves a bit of finagling to get it the way you'd like. :)


Rebecca Hobbs

Thanks Shley - as the user only completes 1 of the 3 quizzes I think the latter may work esepcially if they don't see that result slide but the system can use it for tracking. I don't want users to see a results slide and then thinking they have to do the other two quizzes which exactly what I don't want them to do!

Thank you everyone!