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I have a password that gets entered (123) and stored in a variable. I want the FG Notes layer to open when the user clicks the FG Notes (Submit) button if the password has been already entered. I have tried adding a trigger to show the FG Notes layer if the password variable = 123 and it doesn't open.

Note: It will return to the PG Notes layer if the FG Notes is false.

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Rick Atkins

Hi Alyssa, The learner will open with PG Notes layer being displayed. I have re-purposed the submit button to be used to open the FGNotes layer after accessing the password layer first. I am trying to see if there is a way to create a trigger that will have them go directly to the FGNotes layer once the password has been entered.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rick.  I was having a look the same time as Alyssa, and I noticed this trigger on the base layer:

Should that be to show layer FG Notes if the FGNotes variable is true?  The FGNotes variable is only adjusted to true once they land on the FG Notes layer, and THAT only happens if they've correctly entered the password.

It seems logical to me that if they click the FG button on the Player, it should show FG Notes once they've entered the password correctly once.  Is there any disqualifying action they could take to need to enter the password again?

Chris Cole

Rick - ya, but that button is going to show the PG layer every time because of that trigger, regardless that the FGNotes variable is set to True. You really need two triggers, one that says Show Layer FG Notes if FG Notes is equal to True when the learner clicks the Submit button, and one that says Show Layer PG Notes if FG Notes is NOT equal to True when the learner clicks the Submit button.

However, I think it is a bit confusing that you would click FG Notes button over and over to toggle between the layers - the button label should change to PG Notes. Even that might be a little confusing - is the button label "FG Notes" signifying that you are seeing PG Notes and the button will change the view to FG Notes, or is the label signifying the opposite?

Since you can't modify the Submit button label to "PG Notes" when appropriate anyway, all of that is moot and I think you could simplify all of this by using a couple of custom buttons and get rid of the Submit button altogether. Is that something you could do?

Rick Atkins

Not too concerned about the label on the button. More concerned about them having to put in the password first to be able to open the FGNotes layer. Once the password has been entered, I want them to go directly to the FGNotes layer without going to the password layer. I have tried adding a trigger that tests for the password variable and it didn't work. Thanks for your responses!

Chris Cole

To do it like you are wanting to, you'll need to add several more variables and check for which layer is currently displayed so you can toggle, et cetera. It can be done, but will take some more work. And you will still have the confusing Button With the Label That Never Changes.

If your UI can accommodate custom buttons, have a look at the file I uploaded.  It uses two buttons, which greatly simplifies the whole setup.

Hope this helps.