Choose avatar does not work on quiz results

Hi Storyline 2 experts!

I was able to follow the "choose your avatar" instructions for my module, and it works great on a single slide, but it doesn't work when I get to the quizzes and want their avatar to give the good and bad news on the feedback slides.

Am I doing something wrong, or are the variables somehow conflicting with the showing of layers?

Thanks again!!


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pratiek ganesh

Hello Victoria,

I have gone through your Module, Great work !!! The variables aren't the problem,The 'states' that you have created in the result slide are not fine. Please make sure u save the callouts along with the image and import them!! Here are a few images of the output. I know there is a call out missing in one of the images i had deleted for my reference.      

Wendy Farmer

Hi Victoria

I can get it working if they get the correct answer for both Yoda and Darth but there is a Yoda image that is appearing on the fail layer and I can't see where it is coming from.

I'll try and take another look later - I have a conference call now

Wendy Farmer

What I did was duplicate the normal state of the image and call it Yoda - then deleted the image from the normal state.  So your image now has a blank 'normal' state, yoda image for yoda state and darth image for darth state - I did this on both success and fail layers...but if you look on the fail layer there is a wide image of yoda that is appearing I don't know where from?