Choose Many Freeform Quiz Question won't work for me

I have a freeform Choose Many quiz question with a graphic of a check in the background. There are transparent boxes around the parts required for the check to be negotiable. When the user clicks a box the outline color changes. All boxes appear in form view and some are them are checked as correct answers. When I preview the slide, click on the boxes and hit Submit I get a popup "Invalid Answer; You must complete the question before submitting. I just can't find what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone help? 

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Mary McDermott

Thanks so much. I'd been trying to paste screenshots in my post and that wasn't working for me. In any event I gave up going round and round yesterday and just started a fresh slide and it's fine. Good to know about uploading files in the future though!!!!

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Christie Pollick

Many thanks for the update, Mary, and please let us know if you should find you need anything further! 

I also wanted to let you know in case you were unaware that when you reply to forum notification via email, the details in your signature are visible here publicly in the post. In the interests of protecting your privacy, you are welcome to use the EDIT button beneath your reply to remove that info if you wish. :)