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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi AE,

Within a Storyline question bank, there isn't a way to restrict which set of questions a user receives. Perhaps Vikas suggestion of using variables and triggers would help get you closer, but it's not a set up I've seen before. 

I'll be curious to see what other ideas the community has to share! 

Wendy Farmer

Hi A E

here is a rough sample that may work for you.

I have created two quiz slides that sit outside the QB and a random number variable that chooses one or the other. There is a variable called whichQ which is used in the triggers.

If they get a random number 1, Q5 will display, if the random number is 2, Q7 will display. Depending on which displays, the other is automatically answered as correct.  These two questions are collated in one result slide. (This slide has a white shape so the user doesn't see the result)

The QB is set to select random questions.  This is collated into another result slide. (This slide has a white shape so the user doesn't see the result). 

Both result slides are collated into a master result slide.  

You'll see slight flashing of between slides with triggers set on timeline start to move to one slide if the other has been answered.

Without knowing your passing scores or other requirements you'd need to tweak the file but it may give you some idea how it can work.