Choosing SCORM 1.2 or 2004

Hi all,

Wondering if someone can help please. 

We have gone out to tender for a new LMS and a vendor has come back advising "they do not currently support SCORM 2004. However, we do support all standard file types, as well as ADL SCORM 1.2 and TinCan or xAPI content. Is being SCORM 2004 compliant a essential requirement?"

We mainly use SL and Rise for our courses and publish using SCORM 2004.

What is the difference between publishing using 1.2 and 2004 ? 

Thanks in advance!! 

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Phil Mayor

Depends on the LMs, but for most, it is the question data and the number of resume characters (although a lot of LMS's work around this). It is an old standard that most LMS's use, although it will limit your choice xAPI is so much more flexible and will give some level of future proofing, I would advise most of my clients to avoid any LMS that is only Scorm 1.2 unless other features are more important.

Phil Mayor

Resume data is very small (4096) in Scorm 1.2 and complex courses and large courses will send a lot of information back this typically gets truncated and users cannot resume where they left of.

Question level data does not get sent back to the LMS makes analysing reports difficult.

Scorm 2004 onwards separated completion from status which gives more options for reporting.

Scorm 1.2 doesn't support sequencing.

Overall I think the major downside of scorm 1.2 is the lack of granular detail being sent back to the LMS and ability to report on it.

Peter Faulhaber

What I notice is indeed that SCORM 1.2 has less suspend data (4000 characters). Suspend data is used to store several data such the answers a student gives. As I have a modules in which the student has to type in a textbox how he will use what he has learned on a dialy basis, 4000 characters is way less. 

Ruth Simmons

A customer is asking: Do you provide e-learning content in SCORM 2004 3rd Edition compliant file for use in a client's LMS?  Currently we are on Articulate 360. So I know we can publish in 2004 v. 3, but currently our content is published using 1.2. So my question is do we have to republish our courses to 2004 v. 3 for it to work on their LMS. 

Ruth Simmons

Phil, I should have been more specific. We are hosting content on an LXP. We have uploaded at least 100 SCORM files published using 1.2. According to your previous answer, we would need to republish and re-upload all the content republishing using 2004 v. 3 to integrate with an LMS using 2004 c. 3. If we replace all the current files with 2004 v.3 published files, will that have any affect integrating with an LMS having only 1.2 capabilities? Also can 2004 c. 3 be uploaded as a zip file?

Thank you. I'm not very tech savvy so I hope I'm using the right language here.