Choppy Animations since latest Chrome Update on Android

We have encountered a problem with html5 on an Android Tablet, since the latest chrome update in December.

We created our eLearning module with the latest Storyline 2 version (Update 7).

It runs smoothly except for certain animations, which are very choppy. In the majority of cases, the “fly-in” animation is responsible for the problem.

If anyone has a solution to our problem or has encountered similar issues, we would be thankful to hear from you!

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Evelyn Hamm

Hello Leslie,

you're right. I didn't had open a support case. My first thought was to see what comes up about this in the forum. Now I have opened a Case "00729935".

The problem occurs independent which environment we choose. At least we've tested the content in no LMS, only on the FTP-Server.