Choppy Transitions and Animation

Sep 25, 2017

Hi All,

One of my Storyline files seems to alter transitions and interactions when I publish it as a SCORM to our LMS. When previewing in Storyline, the slide transitions, entrance/exit animations, and clickable content all behave according to the timing and settings I have selected. However, when I publish the file in our LMS, the transitions and animations are rushed/non-existent, and some objects briefly disappear when selected.

Has anyone else encountered something similar? Any tips for publish settings?

Thank you!


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Gregory Paziuk

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for reminding me of SCORM Cloud. I have uploaded and tested there, and the results were mixed. I no longer have images disappearing when selected, but I do still have rough transitions and animation. For example, a line object that is meant to fade in gradually below text in one of my opening slides enters abruptly in the SCORM, despite being set to 1.50s entrance and previewing fine in Storyline.

I've uploaded the file for you to take a look. I'm grateful for any and all feedback.



margit g

As far as I remember there are some animations that do not work in HTML5 and it depends on your browser. 

You can find the description here:

Split, Wipe, Shape, Wheel and Random Bars maybe don't work in your browser.

For example Wipe in IE does not work, but in Chrome you see the correct animation and firefox shows a fade instead of wipe.

Gregory Paziuk

Hi Alyssa,

The Support Engineers have reached out and have been very helpful. I am definitely noticing a difference in transition behaviour between slides when I view the modules online or on Scormcloud vs. when launched within my LMS. The only time slides seem to stutter is when launched as a SCORM on Blackboard.

Any quick tips for publishing SCORM in Blackboard that I might have missed? 

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