Chrome 44 issue

Jul 26, 2015


Those who are interested in a batch solution to Chrome 44 issue can do the following:

Use the suggestion provided here by Articulate:


1. Put all the folders with the published content into one parent folder.

In my case, I downloaded all the folders from the server (both Moodle and HTTP) and moved them into one.

2. Download some search and replace tool from the internet.

I used Texcrawler from digital volcano, but there should be dozens of others.

3. Pointed the programme to the parent folder

4. Instructed it to search within the subfolders.

5. Instructed it to search for : player_compiled.js

and find and replace"1" 

with == "1") ? ".9" : "1")

The programme found all the above mentioned files with the strings in them and then replaced them.

The trick is to make sure it is done accurately and without mistakes.

6. Then I uploaded the folders back to the HTTP server and Moodle. HTTP server was done via FTP, but Moodle was slower and painful because of the PHP folder system - lots of clicking.

Using search and replace tools saved time. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian,

I'm not sure I'm clear how you're viewing the HTML5 content locally if you're publishing for web? If that's the set up viewing it locally could be the root of the problems. I haven't tested Chrome 45 beta - but as it's still a beta they are likely still doing some work with it. 

Our team continues to monitor these type of changes and will continue to do so in the future. 

If you've run into any issues going through the updates, I'd also invite you to work directly with our Support engineers so that they can take a look at specific files and hosting set ups. 

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