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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lindsey and Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Yes sometimes those web objects cover parts of the player.  You could read more about that here.

So, the only thing to recommend is that you may want to try modifying the position of your web object.

If you need someone to look at your file, you could submit a case here.

Again, welcome to Heroes and good luck with your project!

Have a great day, 


Jordyn Matusevich

Hi Ashley,

I am still having this issue (even in Chrome) and now that we have just released many new courses with this same evaluation as a web object we have seen a higher number of the same problem coming through.  I now, coincidentally, as of this week, have SL2 but these courses were not transferred over to that software yet. I read the link you posted above about how web objects are layered differently in SL2 but since my navigation is part of the player, my understanding is that converting them to SL2 wouldn't make a difference. Is that correct?  Thanks in advance!!!