Chrome Android Audio/Video play edge case issue

I believe I have an edge case bug in Chrome android related to audio and video playing and the changing Google policy.

Firstly, let me describe my situation:

  • I am using the latest version of Storyline 3
  • I am using an LMS and playing through an iFrame.
  • My iFrame has the attribute allow="autoplay" as per Chrome recommendations.
  • Audio plays on Timeline start for each slide in my course.
  • My course also prompts the user to resume on return.

I have tested in numerous desktop browsers including the latest version of Chrome (post audio policy rollback) and all works as expected.

I have also been testing on mobile (including on the latest version of Chrome) and for the most part it works as expected.

The issue arises in the following circumstances on Chrome Android only:

  • The course is started and audio plays as expected.
  • The user reloads the web page.
  • The user selects either continue course or restart course.
  • Audio does not then play but the timeline/seekbar moves.
  • Audio will play after a user interaction (eg pause --> play)


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there A,

I appreciate your detailed write-up, and I know that must be frustrating! Smart idea to reach out to us here.

You mentioned this problem is happening while testing your course in a LMS playing through an iFrame. Because of that, I'd want to...

  • test the course in SCORM Cloud to compare how it behaves in another LMS.
  • test the course on a web server to rule out whether this is a LMS or a browser issue.

Would you mind sharing your file with me so I can run through those tests? If you would rather keep it private, click here.