Chrome audio playback

Can anyone in the forum confirm whether they've experienced the following?

Chrome/HTML5 playback will often mis-align the audio playback. At slide start, the audio track will begin playing anywhere from 0.5 seconds to as much as 1.5 seconds into the track. This gives the appearance that objects are timed late as the audio is playing early.

On one occasion, a slide started the audio cutting off the first two words of the narrated sentence. 

Replaying the slide, or hitting NEXT followed by PREV will play the audio with correct timing to the object animations. Confirming the slide contents are there, but the start of audio and animations is erroneous.

Not sure whether this is a Chrome bug or something in SL 360's JavaScripts.

Any feedback appreciated. Any fix would be terrific.



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Pete Mercader

Hi, Sam.

Did a bit of search regarding this issue and found some other discussions that might be similar - issues with delayed audio or no audio at all, all on Chrome/HTML5. I also noticed that most of them were referred to opening a support case. See if these can give you options:


Sam Carter

I thank you for your response. I assume that no responses after 19 days that no one else is having this issue.

Odd though that we see it on both our Windows 7 and newer Windows 10 computer when using Chrome to play the course from an LMS.  No problem with IE or Firefox playing HTML5.

The threads referred in your post don't seem to be of any help. Different problems really.

One thread mentioned JavaScript errors in the browser console. I suspect SL's HTML5 runtime library isn't keeping pace with Chrome's JavaScript object model.

Not expecting a fix anytime soon.


Sam Carter
Nancy Woinoski

I wonder what would happen if you added a trigger to play the audio when the timeline starts.

In our case, the audio starts, but beyond the beginning of the audio track. It's a little random. I don't see how adding a trigger to play audio would help since the audio plays automatically.


Nancy Woinoski

My thinking was that if there is something wrong with how storyline is interpreting the start of the audio when set to play automatically, then maybe adding a play audio at the start of timeline trigger would force it to start at the beginning of the timeline - but what do I know.