Chrome Windows 7 video and audio playback Issues

Sep 06, 2017

Hi all

Has anyone come across any problems with audio and video playback on Chrome in Windows 7? I have a course with a video and a few audio files (whole course is just under 10MB when published) and the picture and sound on the video playback are very jumpy. The audio is the same on slides.

The weird thing is that it's fine on Firefox and IE in Windows 7 (on the same machines) and it's fine on Chrome in Windows 10.

Even on a second run through of the course (when most of the assets should be in the browser's cache), the problem persists with both the video files and the audio files.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?



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Paul MacIntyre

Hi Brian

Thanks for the information. It's a HTML5 publish that I'm using without a Flash fallback (I should have mentioned that initially). I've done a search for Chrome end of life support on Windows 7, but I can't find anything on it. Could you point me in the direction of an article on it? I can only find ones on XP and Vista.

Brian Dennis

Apologies, as I misspoke. Chrome on Windows 7 is supported. Best place for Chrome support information is

Regarding your video and audio playback issues, these assests are encoded for streaming, so there's no localized cache/copy made on your computer, unlike the graphics, scripts, etc. Hiccups in playback are most often attributed to random hiccups in the network connection.

Sparing the geek speak, it's amazing that two computers can reliable stay connected over 95% of the time. Network speeds and quality are constantly in flux.

Paul MacIntyre

Thanks for the clarification Brian.

I know what you mean about the network traffic, and if it was happening on all browsers on the same network I'd expect that to be the root cause, I just find it weird that Firefox and IE are fine on the same systems that have issues with Chrome. It's also only happening with Windows 7 systems, the Windows 10 systems on the same network run the course fine on Chrome (and IE11, Firefox and Edge).

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Paul! I took a look at your case this morning because I thought you had not received a reply back, tested your file, was unable to see the issue - then I realized you were working with Abel in another case :) You should have received an e-mail from, so be sure to check your spam/junk if you do not see it.

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