Circle with Background Fill along with a Motion Path

I am new to Storyline (currently 360) and have a question that I could not find the answer on this site.  I have slide with a background image, a white rectangle object covering the background image and have inserted a circle with the background fill on top of the rectangle cover.  When I place an Entrance Animation (float up) on the circle, it only shows the image from the final resting place.  This is also true when I place a motion path on the circle object attempting to get an eyeglass look when it moves.  Is this not possible?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Keith!

It sounds like you want the circle shape with "slide background fill" to reveal the background as it moves across the slide, is that right?

While the slide background fill feature will only display the background of the object's final destination, yours is a cool idea! I'll let our team know what you'd like to see. 😁

Michael Hinze

One possible workaround is to add a donut shape, make it semi-transparent, size it appropriately and then add a motion path animation(s) (or entrance animation) to it. Here is a quick example with a motion path applied to the shape. Instead of a shape, you could also use a semi-transparent bitmap with a fully transparent cutout.


Thank you Michael for the quick reply, I do love the Articulate forums. Actually, I did something similar and appreciate your time in helping me. I placed my image on the slide, created a very large rectangle with a whole cut out to view the image under it and grouped it to a magnifying glass. The large rectangle with a cutout and the magnifying glass move around the screen. It takes much longer, but the job is done. Hope I can repay you one day.