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Dec 04, 2015

Hi everyone! I'm just getting started in the e-learning / Articulate world, and I was wondering if people had any thoughts on taking an in-person class to learn the software. So far, I've used Lynda tutorials and the tutorials throughout this community to pick up the Storyline basics. I'm wondering if an in-person class would be beneficial to take the next step  and learn best practices etc., or if the things learned in a class are easily accessible online. I was thinking of this class in particular for the New York area. Would really appreciate any thoughts on how to get started in the e-learning community!

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Mike B.

I looked through a Storyline 2 course outline a colleague had shared with me, as she was thinking of attending. Everything on there was covered in Articulate's tutorial videos on youtube, and that's really how I've learned much of the program.

If you haven't seen it already, check out the link below which embeds those youtube videos in a well-organized online tutorial. I might not be using Storyline if this resource didn't exist, because it made it so easy to jump right in and start creating. I also really prefer the "learn at your own pace" learning, as it allows me to jump ahead if things are obvious. Much better than sitting in a classroom all day! :)

Then there's much more here:

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