Classic player for phone and tablets (AS 360)

Hi Everyone,

I work in Articulate 360 and we use Classic player in the company's courses. 

I set up a classic player and it works well for desktops. However, the modern player appears when I test it on tablets and phones.

Is there any way to keep the Classic style everywhere? 

Any ideas will be highly appreciated :)



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tatiana! 

Thanks for letting us know you have a need to use the Classic player on mobile devices. While that's not currently an option, I can pass along your request to our team. 

Can you tell me more about why you'd prefer to use the Classic player instead of the responsive mobile player? I'd love to share your feedback on this. Thanks! 

Tatiana Nikolaeva

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your reply.

I just was surprised that when I open my course on a desktop It has Classic player as by my settings. Once I take another device the course changes its appearance. I guess any user will be confused.

Hope it sheds light to the question.