Classic Player Messed Up

Hello...I updated Storyline this morning and suddenly my classic player is having difficulty. There seems to be a one inch parameter around my slides that is no longer "clickable". I have a 360 Review showing the classic player and being able to click items (buttons, hotspots) near the edge but when I open the source file and try they are not longer being recognized. Was there something in the update that disabled this area? 

I have 6 lessons I am submitting to a client NLT Friday and I need to have this fixed...any help would be much appreciated!


I have attached a Example from the Review Link in a Word document.  I also attached one slide from the Storyline File so you can see the source and how it is not working now. 

The review link is here but you must click through to get to the slides with the buttons.

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Tom W

Just another little tip - when you import a project it doesn't import the story size or player properties. If you're in the same position as me whereby the update has broken multiple projects, you can create a 'Storyline import template' that has the correct story size and player properties, which you can use to import your projects to. This will save you having to adjust the story size and player properties every time you do the import.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Astutis Articulate 3!

I'm happy to help! I'll need more information to see where this is happening. Is it when there are hotspots on the lower part of the slide? 

I looked at Ronda's file and was able to click on #4 but not the "Play" button for the video.

In the meantime, I'm sharing this with our team to see if they've noticed this in their projects.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Astutis Articulate 3,

I am having a hard time reproducing this issue as well. When I looked into Ronda's file as well, all of the buttons worked except for the play button (since the trigger associated with that button was unassigned). 

If you are able to share your file with us, we're always more than happy to help! You can share files in this thread or you’re always welcome to share it privately with our Support Engineers. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look!

Ronda Otey

Hello...not sure if it is working anymore. I had a workaround and submitted
the project.

Now I am having problems submitting a discussion question, immediately goes
to Reported and I really need help quickly on this one. Can you help me?
Here is my post. Thank you!

Hello everyone!

I am in need of some experts out there and *QUICKLY!*

I have a quick game/questions story that needs to have the gas gauge move
up and down depending on if the user gets the question correct or not. The
object is to take the ride and have enough gas to finish. If the user runs
out of gas before all 5 questions are answered they will have to start over
from the beginning.

So here are my two asks:

1. Mile markers need to change states only when the user gets the questions

2. Meter needs to go up when question is correct and down when question is
answered incorrectly.

3. Results slide pass when user finishes all questions with 5 correct

4. Results slide fail/retry when user runs out of gas.

I have one question so far and it works if I get the question correct I get
more gas in my tank, if I get the question wrong I lose gas in my tank.

My problem is when I add more questions how do I make the gauge change?

Right now I have stop 1 question and it is working. But when I put in the
other stops/questions it breaks.

I have variables for each state of my needle on the gas tank (don't laugh
at their names, not a math genius).

Tight turn around...any help would be much appreciated!