Classic player vs modern player

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to get peoples thoughts on something.

I've been designing courses using the modern player since it was released, however I've noticed a few random bugs that don't happen with the classic player. These include white lines appearing at the sides, top or bottom of the player, text boxes moving slightly when hovering over shapes, and other weird little bugs. We've found workarounds for most of these, but it involves a lot of additional work that isn't needed when using the classic player.

We don't use any of the player features, as we create our own custom playbar, buttons, menus, etc, so the only benefit that I can see of using the modern player is the much nicer looking resume prompt. However, that's probably outweighed by the numerous bugs that the modern player causes.

Can anyone think of any other benefits of using the modern player over the classic player? The classic player has the option of resizing the window to fit the user's browser, so in terms of responsiveness, there doesn't seem to be any benefits there. 

If we were using the features of the player it would probably be worth the extra work to resolve the bugs, as the modern player definitely looks much nicer than the classic player, but as I mentioned above, all of our features are custom built. It's possible I'm not aware of some other benefits of using the modern player though, so thought I'd see what other people think.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Astutis Articulate 3!

You've brought up an intriguing topic of discussion, and I'm curious to see what other folks in the community will add here. 

In regards to the bugs you're seeing, we'd love to help you sort those out if we can. If that's something you're interested in, you can upload your file privately to our support team here. We'll have a look and let you know what we find!

Phil Mayor

Although not documented I find the Modern player has a better refresh rate for animation. An old animation I built definitely runs better in the Modern player vs the classic player.

The modern player also gets rid of the 10 pixel border that has been present in chrome less players based on classic.

I do agree there is definitely a masking issue with the modern player and arifactjs appear, I still use the Modern player for most of my projects and most of these use on slide controls vs the player controls.

Tom W

Hi Phil.

Thanks for the response. When you say animation, is that an SWF file, a GIF, a video or a motion path? I'm using some GIF and video animations in a course I'm currently working, so am interested to get your thoughts on how they run in each player.

The border isn't so much of an issue for us, as the background of most of my pages are white, so I've chosen a border anyway to distinguish it from the web page background (I prefer this option to changing the background colour of the page).

Rick Maranta

I have had a number of issues with the Modern player's responsiveness in different LMS's in terms of how the player displays relative to the stage. In some cases, it separates from the stage and is down the screen.  Others, navigation is cut off. This depends on the lightbox the LMS uses. I have found problems on both LearnDash and now Doecebo with different clients. Right now I am finding a problem where the navigation is cut off on the bottom right when the browser is viewed in full screen. (Lots of people view web pages this way but I prefer many windows visible). The client has favored the classic player because of display issues - but I would rather find some solutions. Seems like it still needs work.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Richard, thanks for chiming in to share your experience. 

It sounds like the Modern Player is giving you some trouble in LearnDash and Docebo. Our team would love to help you sort out those issues if we can. You're always welcome to upload your file privately to our support team here. We'll give it a test in another LMS environment and let you know what we find!

Nicole Anglin

When I use the modern player the transition between slides sometimes (mostly all the time) gets three dots and a dim screen, like it's loading. The classic player does not do this. It makes my transitions between slides not so smooth. It is the only reason I don't use the modern player. It happens so fast I cannot get a picture. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Nicole! Sorry you're not having the best experience with the Modern Player. Do you notice this happens in any course you build, or just one course in particular? Here's how to check:

  • Open a new Storyline 360 file.
  • Insert 3-5 slides with various content (images, shapes, text, etc.).
  • Preview the slides.

Also, do you see the 3 loading dots in Storyline preview, or only after the content is published?

Nicole Anglin


I never saw that anyone responded sorry. This happens on preview and on publish. I do a lot of screen recording and step by step videos. The dots and dim screen happen every time I use the modern player. I believe that in the classic player the loading part is done on the mouse and doesn't;t take the full screen up. So in classic even if it is loading you can only tell by the ring around the mouse and not the entire screen. The modern player makes it look jumpy between slides. Especially slides that are using the step by step. 

I created an example. Once you get to the last slide it loads every time. This is a step by step slide.

L'Oreal Battistelli

I'm researching a solution for animation play / pause in the classic player. What might be your recommendation? I'm going to be adding audio narration after review, and before implementation.  Do you recommend I create play media / pause media triggers? I created a "show layer" trigger and synched it with a cue point, but I need to provide my end users with locus of control on this (and future) courses. * I decided to created buttons to provide users with locus of control, and it works beautifully. Tks!