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Apr 07, 2014


I appreciate the resume where you last left off function.

However this is a problem because it shows up even after the user finishes a test I developed.

I do not have this is an LMS settings. So I know it's using the locally cached flash cookies.

I looked into creating my flash swf file that would simply clear out the flash cookies, but it seems the only way to do that is if you know the names of the cookies. Which I don't.

What should I do in this situation?

I have a very complex course that I simply want to be restarted after a user finishes it and wants to do so.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Grant,

It's not possible to disable the Resume function based on how far the user has progressed through the course, and I don't believe there is a listing of set files that you need to clear out, but as you'll see in another article it's the web cache as a whole or your LMS may also be caching files.  There isn't a way within Storyline to force the user to clear the cache though, and you may want to check with your LMS regarding what the behavior will be when the user finishes the course and completes the quiz, as often the LMS will place the course into review mode so that the user doesn't inadvertently change their score.

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