Clearing Results Screen

I have a pre-test and the correct answers are sent to a results screen as they take the test. If they get 100% correct then they are not required to take the training.  If the trainee misses a pre-test question they are then required to take the training and take a post-test (different set of questions). Is there a method to clear the results page recordings from the pre-test if they are required to take a post-test (different set of questions from pre-test).  I want them to take the post-test as if they had not taken or not recorded any answers from the pre-test if they did not make 100% from the pre-test. Suggestions welcome.



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Jim Reed

I know I can have more than one result slide. In my case, a trainee who takes the pretest and passes and it is tracked by result slide 1 and another trainee fails the pre-test, takes the training and completes a post-test that reports to result slide 2. Storyline, as far as I have read, only can report 1 result slide. So I am limited to reporting only 1 result slide to lms. Correct?

Thanks for your input

Gary Collins

I see. Just thinking off the top of my head here.

The results are submitted when they get to the results slide.

1. If they pass the quiz they go to the result slide for the pre-test and the score gets submitted. If they fail then you can bypass that result slide so that the score won't be submitted and go to another slide that told them they didn't pass and they move on to the training and post-test and when they get that results slide then the score would be submitted.

2. If you want to show them the results when they fail then on the pre-tests results slide there is a slide trigger for 'Submit results'. What if you setup a condition on that trigger to only submit results if they pass. You would need to setup a variable to determine if they passed or not so that you can create the condition.