Click a button on one slide, display variable text on another

My mind maybe isn't working well yet this morning but I want to have a slide with 5 buttons that correspond to different business units. These buttons direct the user to the appropriate content for their group. This is I have set up and is working fine. What I want to do then is at the end create a completion certificate that can be printed and on that certificate I want to include the student's name (no problem doing that) as well as the businees unit selected earlier. I can't get my brain to figure out how to set a variable on each of the 5 buttons and then display the corresponding text onto the certificate slide.

I'm sure this will be a head slapper doh moment but can someone give me a hint?

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Brett Rockwood

Thanks Phil, Though I'm not sure I understand. I have my 5 buttons, Sales, Trading, Legal, Operations, and Other. The user clicks Sales and I want his certificate to say, "Tom Jones has completed the Sales training course." Of course if he clicks Trading I want it to say "Tom Jones has completed the Trading training course."

I already have several object triggers on each button. One sets the %RoleNumber% to a value between 1 and 5 which I use to serve up the correct slides (many of the slides are shared among the roles). A second trigger jumps to the next slide (which all roles have to view), and a third trigger just displays some mouse-over text giving more detail about each button.

Can you be more explicit in how I need to set up the trigger? I really appreciate your help.

Steve Flowers

Are you using the RoleNumber value for any calculations? If not, you might want to actually set the value to a string: "Sales", "Trading", "Legal", "Operations", "Other" and use that actual value %Role% to fill your completion value. You can still use these as conditions much the same way you would a numeric value.

If you want to abstract it a bit and keep your numbers. Add another variable (String) called RoleDescription. On your certificate page, setup a trigger to check the role number. Set Variable RoleDescription to "Sales" if RoleNumber is 1. You'd need as many triggers as you have roles that you want to set. Then you'd employ %StudentName% has completed the %RoleDescription% training course.