Click a button one Page 1. pass to and open a layer on Page 2?

Good day all,

Happy Memorial Day to those residing in the States!

I've got  a problem that I keep getting a Mind Farc on whenever I think about it.

Have a two-page SL; the first page has a series of buttons across the bottom.  The user clicks a button and he or she is brought to page 2, but is done so at the root level of the page with six or seven layers. 

 Ideally, when the user clicks any of the six buttons on slide 1, the user would be brought to different layers on slide 2.

Has anyone had a similar need to click a topic and go to a layered page, but have the layer related to the click event open for the user?

Thanks for any ideas!


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Christine Hendrickson

Hey Michael,

I know I'm jumping right in, and with a quick question, but -

How about variables? You could have a variable adjusted on the first slide when a specific button is clicked. Have the second slide show a layer when the timeline starts, if that variable equals a specific value. 

I'm sure there's other ways you could do this, but I just wanted to pop in with this thought :)

Rachel Steele

Hi I have never done it,

However in theory if each button triggered a veriavle being changed from false to true then when it jumped to the second slide a trigger saying ifvariable = true show layerx when timeline starts.

Thats off the top of my head if you want to share what you want i'll have a play

Michael Fimian

Hi Everybody,

Wow quick response...  

Yes we're starting to play with variables now, with the button click creating one each w an unique name, and on page two there'd be a matching set of variable we'd target as the user enters the slide;  just haven't thought through the passing process from the first to the second page, since the buttons are on #1 and the layers are on #2...  Thanks for the ideas folks, and for the specific leads James...

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Michael,

See attached (flowers courtesy of my garden).

I've set up buttons 1 and 2 (yellow and purple) on the "home" slide in the way James suggested, using number variables. Also, though, it could be easier (on the developer) to use text variables, since they can be related in terms of naming and the layers they're linking to. I've set up buttons 3 and 4 on the home slide (red and pink) using text variables.

Also, I think whether using text or numbers it's best to add a trigger on the linked slide (slide 2 in this case) that resets the variable back when the timeline ends. So,

I've reset the numbers variable back to 0 when the timeline ends

I've reset the text variable back to blank when the timeline ends.

I set the timeline on slide 2's base layer to a half second so y'all can move quickly back and forth to see how this works.

Thanks, All!

Michael Fimian


A lot easier than I originally thought;  I was looking for a two-step solution: 1) go to slide 2 and 2) open layer named such-and-such.

And, there didn't even need to be a step 1.  That's what I was tripping over all along.

Thanks for the advice all, and for the assist on this Becky! Looks like you were busy on the forum yesterday...