Click all interactions before moving on to the next slide


I have slides in my storyline and I need the user to click on all my interactions before advancing to the next slide. I have it working in one part of my project but not in others.

The slide I have has a question and three answers. w The three answers are buttons with text in them. When you click the button a layer pops up advising if they clicked the incorrect or correct answer and why. It then has another button on this layer to close the layer and return to the main slide.

I have created triggers that my next slide arrow can only be clicked IF:

Each button with the answer in it has been clicked. and if they haven't been clicked then another layer pops up saying you cannot advance to the next slide unless all the interactions have been clicked.

But when i publish the project, I can click on all the buttons and close them but when I got to hit next slide it wont let me, saying I need to click on all the interactions, but I have done this. Any reason why this wouldn't be working for me?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Amy,

It would be helpful to see the file so we can look at the way you have the triggers and variables set up. In the meantime I have created a mock file following your instructions. This may be able to help.

Also you can look here for more information on triggers, and how they are executed.

Hope this helps.

Amy Price


I have attached an example of my issue.

you will see that slide 1.2 works well - you have to click all 6 icons before it will allow you to access the next slide.

however slide 1.5 - does not work, once you have clicked all three buttons it still won't take you to the next slide.

Desperately need help!

Thank you!

Emily Ruby

Hello Amy,

 I was able to get the trigger to work. Attached is a file for you to see.

I changed the trigger for the "advance button" (Button 3), to have conditions added. You can look at the edit trigger to see how these were set up. You want to add shapes, and for If, add the shape to click, for Operator, == Equal to, and the state set at Visited.

If you need anything further, please let us know!