Click boxes not causing slide to stop

Jul 17, 2018

I've been using Captivate for a while and thought that the click boxes in Storyline would behave the same way, where a click box would pause the slide until it was clicked, then it would perform whatever triggers you have set on it. That doesn't seem to be the case, so now I have a question:
From what I can tell, I have set up all my triggers the same way they would have been set up if I had pulled in my screen action captures using the Try It function (I used the View It function), but they don't automatically stop and wait to be clicked. I pulled in a group of slides as a Try It to match triggers, but no luck. What might I be missing?

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Michael Hinze

Clickboxes (hotspots) in Storyline simply work differently from Captivate. If you want a Storyline slide to pause somewhere along the timeline you need to add a trigger to pause the timeline, for example when a cue point is reached. Otherwise the slide`s timeline will continue to advance until the timeline`s end is reached and then stop (unless you set the slide property to Automatically advance). You can always share your .story file here and someone will take a look at the trigger setup.

Heather Ross

It looks like it wasn't the triggers that I had set up, but that the screen recordings didn't come into the program correctly. The icon on the timeline is wrong and it's jut not behaving the way it's supposed to. I found a workaround with just hiding them.

I will definitely remember the Try It option when I do this again.  

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