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Nov 26, 2019

Hi there,


I have created content where I want the user to click on an image to see a pop up text box. Then click another image for another text box. I've tried numerous different trigger settings but cant get it right. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Wendy Farmer

HI Erin

 First off you could try deleting the first lot of triggers that are changing the state of the text boxes to hidden on timeline start.  Then highlight each text box on the timeline and go into the States tab > edit states and choose 'initial state hidden' from the drop down. That may make a difference.

If that doesn't work can you share the story file or even just that slide.

So you are trying to click the three images down the left hand side to reveal the text boxes on the right?


Ned Whiteley

Hi Erin,

Looking at your attached photo, there is one change I would make. There is no need to use triggers to set your text boxes to Hidden when the timeline starts as you can set their initial state in the States tab:


With all of your text boxes set to an initial state of Hidden, all you require is a trigger to set each text box to Normal when the appropriate image is clicked (as you have already done).

It also appears from your attachment that the triggers you set to hide your text boxes are set to When the Timeline Starts for the text box and not for the slide. As a result, the text box starts off being hidden and when you click on the image and the text box is activated, it immediately hides itself again and so will never be visible. If you had set your triggers to When the Timeline Starts for the slide, your solution would have worked.

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