Click, or hover, and objects appear and stay on screen

Feb 27, 2020


I'm looking for tips on how to create a slide where the student clicks on a word box, two other word boxes appear, and then stay on screen while the student continues to click other boxes to add additional content. The student is thus building the attached screen by clicking each of the middle boxes, and having the adjacent words move in. 



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Carey Business School Johns Hopkins University

Thanks for your response, Nancy. I did unclick the "hide layer" boesx, yet the layers disappear when I move my cursor off.

Currently, each layer is a replica of the base layer with the different popups. I think the problem could be solved if the layers could show over the base layer without the base layer getting greyed out. Is there any way to make that happen?

Here's an example of the file.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for providing great insights, Nancy! I wanted to jump in as well to provide some help.

I reviewed the file you provided, and it looks like all of the layers are showing as intended. When I click on each button on the slide, it shows the layers, and the other buttons are still visible/clickable. Here is a short screencast of what I see here

May I ask if you could share a Peek of the behavior you are seeing? This would help out greatly to determine what this snag might be! 

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Elizabeth, sorry for the radio silence. I was out of town and had no access to my computer. I took a look at your story file and you had the layer properties set to hide other slide layers. Then this setting is enabled on a layer - it will force any other layer that is open to close. 

I went into each layer and removed the Hide other slide layers checkbox. I believe the slide should now work as you expected. I have attached the revised story file so you can see what I have done. To access the layer properties for a layer, select the layer and then click the little wheel icon at the bottom right.

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