Click Submit, trigger order


I have a little issue.

I would like to play a sound file when the user clicks Submit (it's a multiple choice) and when the sound is finished, submit interaction and automatically move to the next slide. I have the Player Triggers in this order:

1. Play media Sound 2 .... When user clicks Submit

2. Jump to a specific slide when user clicks Previous button

3. Submit interaction..... When user clicks Submit

The problem is that it does not play Sound 2 at all, it moves on to the next slide straight away.



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Phil Mayor

Hi Catrin

I would do this another way, mainly because the triggers fire instantaneously but in order, so before the audio gets a chance to play it jumps slides

Add a new layer add the audio to the layer

On the submt button add a trigger to show the audio layer when clicked on the audio layer add a triiget to jump to next slide when media completes (your audio)