Click/tap events to be bubbled up to the parent windowap events

Aug 17, 2021

Hi all.

I am facing an issue when launching Storyline content in an iFrame.

The problem we have is not an issue with content itself per se - it certainly works fine on its own, as you confirmed via that video. It's more related to the fact that the published Storyline content we're using is embedded into an iFrame that runs within/on top of another web app that needs to react to things that happen within said content. So far all our testing has been smooth, save for one issue - it seems that Storyline content specifically prevents the propagation of any screen tap or click events to the parent window hosting the iFrame. This prevents the underlying web app from being able to handle those events, as appropriate (in addition to content itself reacting to them as well, by transitioning to another slide, etc.).

We've tested some dummy content we slapped together (i.e. replacing Storyline content) and we can indeed receive the tap/click events from it into the parent frame. So we know that Storyline must be doing something that blocks those from getting propagated/bubbled up to the parent iFrame. We'd like to understand the reasoning behind this behavior and see whether it is necessary for proper operation of Storyline content or can be removed/fixed.

All we want to do is having Storyline now block the click/tap events that happen within its window which naturally any such events would "bubble up" to the parent window but it somehow does not happen when we replace our dummy content with one published by Storyline.

Has anyone tried this or experienced this issue before? Any recommendation on how to solve it?

Any help will be much appreciated!


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