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Jul 29, 2013

Is there any way to reduce the volume of the mouse clicks on the output when publishing a Storyline screen-capture tutorial?

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Mike Enders

Welcome to the Community Ammy!

That's a great question (I haven't come across it before!).

I don't believe that there is a way to alter the volume of the mouse click from within Storyline.  However, it would make for a great feature request if you'd be willing to submit it:

In the meantime, if the sound level is super irksome and is throwing off your design, you could do a little post-publish work.  For example, if you go into your published output, in the story_content folder you'll find an MP3 file that starts with "MouseClickSound".  You could pull this file out and alter the levels manually with an audio editing tool.  Then, keeping the same exact name, replace the original with the new file.   Note: you'd have to do this each and every time you publish.

I hope this helps!


Troy S.

Thank you Mike !

That worked perfectly (and satisfied my boss, who said "the clicks are too loud!").

I downloaded Audacity, which is a free audio editing tool.  Opened the MouseClickSound...mp3, chose Effect --> Amplify, and used a negative dB to reduce the amplitude.  Then a simple export back to the same filename...  viola!   Mouse-clicks with a more subtle sound.

Terra Cotta

Hello Mike!  I've run into the same problem.  My client is asking for a softer Mouse click --- I did try the above, but my Audacity version says I need to download LAME?   I may have a problem downloading LAME given my client does not allow for third party tools to be downloaded using their products.  Is this your understanding as to how it should work?  Really want to find a way to convert the Aud. file back to an MP3.  Thank you!  Terra

Terra Cotta

Troy's explanation is very understandable- yet, in my situation, I cannot export back to MP3.  It is asking me to download an encoder "LAME"  - I don't have it.  Working with my internal IT to see if they will allow.  Cumbersome to say the least. 

I have a few lessons that contain numerous recordings with mouse clicks. A great deal of feedback that the mouse click is too loud -- that is what I'm trying to fix.

Thank you --- Terra

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