Clickable object disappears

Hi fellow Storyliners,

I am experiencing my clickable objekts (hotspots) disappears as clickable, when turning slide into a freeform quiz and chosing Pick One as quiz.

Slide no. 1 strangely always works, however, the problem occurs on the following slides. I have made slide no. 2 into a freeform quiz and selected all of the hotspots as possible choices with one correct. But when Previewed or published, they are not longer clickable.

Can someone help?


Best regards,


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Vanda H.

Hi Kenneth!
I took a look at your file and found this:
change the first trigger on your next button at the first slide from
'submit results 1.8 Results Slide' to 
'submit interaction Pick one'
than it should work fine :) 
Don't forget to check your result slide at the and, every pick one question should be checked.