Clicking all buttons and interactions before advancing to the next slide

Hi everyone, 

I've been trying to search old threads and youtube videos to see if I can find the solution but I thought it might be quicker for either someone to help me solve my issue or refer me to the correct video.  

There is no audio in my course and no seek bar.  I have buttons that the user needs to click before they advance to the next slide.  I am using the next slide that is built in.  

How do I make sure that they click all the buttons (it doesn't matter what order) before they can click on the next slide?

From what I've read it looks like I have to set variables - I tried that and I'm doing something wrong.  Is there a video or step-by-step instructions, you can refer me to?

Thanks in advance!

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Kirsten Morton

HI Robyn!

You can actually do it without variables.  If you hide the Next button when the timelines starts, you can set up a trigger to reveal the next button when the state of all your buttons is "visited."  See more details in this post:

Good luck!

Karen Marsh

Is there any reason that this would work perfectly in "Preview" mode, but not work once published?  Or work for SOME slides and scenes in a longer course, but would NOT work on others?  They are set up IDENTICALLY (obviously other than the name of the specific items that need to be "visited"), and work fine some places but not others.  I am on a really tight deadline & already wasted the better part of yesterday trying to get ONE interaction to work!  Help!

Crystal Horn

Oh, Karen, that sounds really aggravating.  With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here.  I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting. 

I hope we can get you fully functional!

Karen Marsh

It worked fine in Preview, but when published, allowed me to click Next
without viewing the buttons. I finally gave up trying to figure out what
was wrong & just re-created the same trigger with a different name. I'm
wondering why I would need to do that, though because in the past I just
copied the trigger & pasted it to the new slide, changed the markers for
"visited," & it worked fine.

Has something changed?

Bright Blessings,

Karen Marsh

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Karen,

It sounds like you've done everything right, and nothing stands out to me on why it'd behave that way. If you run into any trouble again with a trigger not executing as you'd expect we're always here to take a look! You can share it publicly here as Crystal mentioned or feel free to send directly to our Support Team and we'll dig a bit deeper! 

Wendy Farmer
Tom Seguin

Thanks for the response. I'm concerned however that if I set it up that way, the user will be able to access the button 2 scene even if he hasn't completed all slides of scene 1.

If its not working using states then use variables and have the variable change on the last slide of each scene - that way they have to have been through the scene.

It's hard not being able to see your setup and in your second post above you must have clicked reply and view in the email if you do, attachments won't display in the post so I can't see that you have uploaded.

Tom Seguin

Hi Wendy,  I would prefer to go the variable route.  

At the end of my scene (last slide) I have configured the following:

Set Variable A to equal to True.


On my button slide, 

I have button 2 (Related Activities Oval) set to disabled when the timeline starts.  

in the slide triggers It is set to change to normal when the variable is true,  I'm doing something wrong but can't figure it out.  

Tom Seguin

First off - thank you Wendy for your patience and help.   I have tried changing it and still the button remains inactive.   I have attached images showing what I have on the slide for triggers for that button as well as the variable definition at the end of the scene.  Note - I have the variable configured to be set to "True" once they have completed the activities on the slide.