Clicking Drop-Down in Menu Advances Course in HTML5 (Publish for Mobile)

Aug 29, 2019

Whenever I publish a course as HTML 5/w Flash Fallback (or Flash w/ HTML5 Fallback - where the browser forces HTML5 instead of Flash) AND select "Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS and Android" I encounter the following issue with the menu:

Clicking on any section header in the course would advance the course to the next slide rather than taking you back to that section(normal behavior).

After unchecking the box for "Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS and Android" the course behaved normally. 

We've proven this consistently with multiple courses in IE and Chrome. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Robert!

It sounds like when a user views your course and presses the section header they are taken to the next slide. Are you seeing this issue occur on a specific device while using Chrome and IE? Also have you tried adding restrictions to the navigation?

I'm happy to take a look at your course and see what's going on! You can share your course here in this discussion by using the "add attachment" button. Or you can share it privately by using this link, and our Support Engineers will take a look.

Robert Kinas

This error occurs in both IE and Chrome. We worked around it by unchecking the mobile boxes (mentioned in the first post).

As a global learning standard, we don't restrict user navigation.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide the course because of the deeply secure IP contained within it.

That being said, navigation works as normal when the browser is able to leverage flash (such that the mobile publishing options do not effect the navigation).

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Robert,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are running into with your course.

I did a quick test with a sample course and I am unable to replicate this behavior. Do you see the behavior you reported in my example here?

Are you able to replicate this behavior in SCORM Cloud or is the issue limited to your LMS?

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