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Antony Snow

Hi Sue,

If the 2 letters are images, you can use the 'Zoom Picture' feature. Select an image, click on the Format tab across the top of your page and then click on 'Zoom Picture', which is in the 'Size' collection of options. This will add a magnifying glass icon to the image, which the user can click on to enlarge the image. To close the zoomed view, the user simply clicks on the image again - you will need to add instructions on how to close the zoom as there isn't an obvious 'close' button.

Alternatively, you can create enlarged versions of each letter and put them on their own layer. You can then add triggers to open these layers when the respective letter is clicked on and you can them add a close button to hide the layer again when clicked.

Does this help?

Janet Siler

I marked this as helpful because it seemed to take no effort. I went to formatting for the image in question, added the zoom function, saw that a magnifying glass with + sign was applied to the object, previewed and it didn't work, published and it still didn't work. So now I would say this answer was not helpful. I attached an image from the storyline user interface showing that the object has the zoom function. Would this function not work in the published course on Review 360?