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Ellen Brodsky

I don't really understand your comment, Brucce, as the Exit trigger is not working in IE 9 for me either, and Chrome does not play our videos at all, so we have to tell people not to use it.

Please clarify. Do you just have people click the browser window X instead of doing it in the module?

Thank you!


Bruce Graham


It was my understanding, maybe incorrectly, that the "Exit" button only worked with IE. If that information is not correct perhaps someone could/will explain reality.

And yes - I normally just get people to close the browser, and have never had any reporting or "restarting at point of exit" issues.


Harriet Stroupe

It appears that the trigger to Close Program still doesn't work unless the learner is using Internet Explorer as his/her browser. Am I correct that this was not fixed in the January update for Storyline? I have republished some older Storyline programs and still have this problem. Am I missing something?