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Mar 13, 2013


What would be the best way to create a closed caption?  The course I am currently working on has a narration on each slide and I want insert a closed caption that syncs with the narration.  I want to set up a button on each slide that uses can click to turn on and off the closed captoin as they wish throughout the course.  Each slide is made of a video screencast.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

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Meryem M


Try inserting the text of your narration into the Notes field on the slide. (That tab is by the timeline/states tabs.)   Then in the player you can choose whether to have the Notes tab appear in the sidebar or in the topbar above the slide.

Then the learner can simply click the Notes tab to read the text of the narration while the slide plays.

steve hildreth

We have been using the "Notes" section, but I was looking for a different approach that would allow us more real estate on the presentation layer.  Feel free to take a look at the attached.  I've also seen other, similiar options in the forum, just thought I would try my hand at it.

It was developed using this as a guide:


Jin Hiya


Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Steve! This is great, and the kind of CC I have seen in a lot of other eLearning courses.  I have one question about the attached mock-up though.  The text boxes set up as CC on the Closed Caption layers don't seem to appear exactly as specified on the timeline.  For instance, if you turn on the CC at 5 seconds on the first slide, "Like a lot of kids...." still appears first before disappearing quickly when the text is programed to display between the 1 sec and 3 sec period.  If there is a narration involved, this would be a problem.  It seems to me that the base layer and the Close Caption layer don't sync with each other in terms of timing when there is a time factor invovled.  Any solutions?

steve hildreth

I was not able to find a way to sync up the [cc] layer when toggling off/on.  However, I did find another implementation by Steve Flowers in an entry titled "Storyline Example: Generating Closed Captions" (  I had to do a couple minor mods from the original, but it seems very solid.


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