Closed Caption - Storyline 2

Oct 09, 2015

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to add closed captions to a training project that is branching to mini-scenarios and Storyline 2 is giving really a hard time to do it. I used the steps in this link: but still it is very cumbersome. My project consists of a good number of slides. Each slide in the project is one base slide + 3 slide layers. Adding CC to those slides means duplicating 4 slides, adding the transcripts and CC buttons on the duplicated slides and muting the voice on those slides. Is there any way to display the CC ribbon without all this hassle of copying? It's a lot and I would appreciate any advice even using a 3rd party to add the CCs. Thanks

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Mike B.


I had a similar problem because my projects each contain 10 minutes - 4 hours of video, so the Steve Flowers method of adding CC was just too time consuming. I ended up embedding my videos from the Wistia video service, and just uploading my srt files to Wistia. Then their player will handle the CC. This may or may not work for your project, as you lose connectivity between the video timeline and SL timeline, although there are workarounds for this if you know javascript.



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