Closed Caption variable not displaying when CC icon clicked

STL 360 on Windows 7 64bit OS

I was given a template with a custom player with a CC button.  

I have done nothing to the CC button's programming on the Master Slide. 

I have matched the client's reference triggers/variables...but you click CC, nothing displays and I can't figure it out.

Would someone be willing to look at my file (2 slides) and the Master slides and help point out where this player and I have gone wrong?

I have a feeling it's something tiny that I am just not seeing...

Thank you!


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Tom Kuhlmann

I think your template is corrupted. If you go into the master, you'll see two masters and one states it's being used by 20 slides which isn't the case because there aren't 20 slides.

I tried to apply a default template and the CC button doesn't show. Not sure why, but I suspect that something happened to the file. It's easier to rebuild the template than it is to troubleshoot it.

There are a lot of other issues with the template that you can resolve to make it work better. Also, the CC trigger isn't set up correctly.

I'll reset the core template for you and add the file.