Closed Captioning

Jun 07, 2013

Hello. What is the easiest method of creating closed captioning in Articulate Storyline?  Ideally, my client would like to be able to either turn it on or off at the beginning of the course rather than at each slide.

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Peter gave you a great response. His link mentions several methods. My favorite is the CC on/off button that triggers different layers. Unfortunately what I don't like about this is it requires me to have duplicate layers of same material which I find a hassle, but I do like the end result. That said I recently came up with a way to have an CC on/off button that triggers the displaying of a textbox (which could also be a textbox within a scrolling panel). Then in order to default the CC to off I added a trigger to Disable the textbox on initial slide until the CC btn is clicked. I recently posted this to my blog and placed link below. I will post my story file in a bit.


Attached is the story file. FYI when duplicating slides, duplicate slide 2. the first slide has an additional trigger that makes the text box default to Disabled as mentioned in my earlier post. So slide 1 is the first slide of project and slide 2 is to be used for rest of project.

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